Cristina Harper (Cacciotti) Biography, Age, Parents, Mother’s Death, Husband and Net Worth

Cristina Harper Biography

Cristina Harper (Cacciotti) is an American actress and the adoptive daughter of award-winning actress Valerie Harper best known for Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and her husband Tony Cacciotti.

Christina works as an artist in Venice and she also sells her work through an online platform. She played a small role in the “Zoochosis Presents: Hooey”, and performed 2 episodes on “That 70’s Show”. She also appeared on “The Talk” in 2010.

Cristina Harper Age

Harper was born in 1983, she is about 36 years old as of 2019. Christina is an Italian baby name which means ‘Follower of Christ’.

Cristina Harper Parents

Christina was adopted by four-time Emmy winning actress, Valerie Harper, and producer and manager Tony Cacciotti. She was born in 1983. She half-brother, Michael Cacciotti from her father’s previous relationship. Tony was a 2012 Democratic candidate for District 41 of the California State Assembly.

Her parents got married on April 8 in 1987. They met on the set of “Chapter Two” and fell in love. Her father is a producer and an actor best known for “My Mom and the Girl”, which aired in 2016. Tony is a two-time divorcee and is affirmed to be a father of four. Nothing is about his other children.

Cristina Harper
Cristina Harper and her mother Valerie Harper

Cristina Harper Valerie Harper

Her mother was an established American actress who began her career as a dancer on Broadway. She is best remembered for her role as Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-off Rhoda in the 1970s.

Valerie was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009. On 6 March 2013, she announced that tests from a January hospital stay revealed she has leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition in which cancer cells spread into the meninges, the membranes surrounding the brain. She added that her doctors had given her as little as three months of life expectancy. Harper’s doctors said they were treating her with chemotherapy in an effort to slow its progress although the disease was reported to be incurable. She said that she was responding well to the treatment in April 2014. Harper was hospitalized in Maine on July 30, 2015, after she fell unconscious. She was taken via medical evacuation to a larger hospital for further treatment and was later discharged.

She continued battling cancer with treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2016. She was well enough to appear in a short film, “My Mom and the Girl”, based on the experiences of director/writer Susie Singer Carter, whose mother has Alzheimer’s disease. Harper made a comment on September 2017, saying, ‘She’s on her way to death and quickly’. Now it’s five years instead of three months … I’m going to fight this. I’m going to see away.”

In July 2019, she was on a regimen of “a multitude of medications and chemotherapy drugs” and was experiencing “extreme physical and painful challenges” that require “around the clock, 24/7 care.”

Despite Christina’s father Tony being told by doctors to put Valerie in Hospice care, he vowed no to. He shared on Harper’s official Facebook page on 23 July 2019, “I have been told by doctors to put Val in Hospice care and I can’t [because of our 40 years of shared commitment to each other] and I won’t because of the amazing good deeds she has graced us with while she’s been here on earth.”

We will continue going forward as long as the powers above allow us, I will do my very best in making Val as comfortable as possible.

There are two special ANGELS on this planet masquerading as humans who live and work together, that have made it possible to have all of Val’s needs taken care of.

For those of you who have been in this position, you will totally understand that “it’s hard letting go.” So as long as I’m able and capable, I’ll be where I belong right beside her.

Many, many thanks for your outpouring of kindness and support. In earlier July, one of her relatives created a GoFundMe campaign to help offset Harper’s medical expenses.

Cristina Harper Mother’s Death

Valerie Harper died on 30 August 2019 in Los Angeles, 8 days after her 80th birthday. Christina shared a heartwarming message on behalf of her father Tony Cacciotti on twitter.

“My dad has asked me to pass on this message: ‘My beautiful caring wife of nearly 40 years has passed away at 10:06 a.m., after years of fighting cancer,’” Cristina wrote. “She will never, ever be forgotten. Rest In Peace, mia Valeria. — Anthony.”

Christina also described her mother as full of joy and recalled how she would listen to Little Richard and the Beach Boys while cleaning the house.

“A lot of times, we’d be dancing more than working,” Cristina told the magazine. “My mom was just a person filled with joy.” Cristina also described her dad’s grief over Valerie’s cancer battle, saying, “He is terrible when it comes to death. My mom is the center of his world — from personal to professional. She is his everything.”

Cristina Harper Husband

Harper has not yet disclosed any information regarding her love life. There is also no available information about her past relationships. According to some sources, Christina is believed to be in a romantic relationship with an undisclosed man.

Cristina Harper Net Worth

Harper is an artist and she has made several film appearances, through her work she has gained some wealth. However, her net worth has not yet been disclosed.

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