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Who Is Christopher Darden?

Christopher Darden ( Christopher Allen Darden) is an American attorney, author, lecturer, and actor. Darden served in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. In addition, he received national attention while working as a co-prosecutor in the O.J Simpson murder case.


After taking and passing the California Bar exams in the summer of 1980, he was hired four months later at the National Labor Relations Board in Los Angeles. He applied for and was employed for a job with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in search of a career shift. After that, Darden was relocated to the Huntington Park office first, then to Beverly Hills, before eventually relocating to the Criminal Courts Building (CCB) in downtown Los Angeles in late 1983.

During his time as a co-prosecutor at the CCB, he worked in the central trial and hard-core gang unit. After that, he moved to the Special Investigation Division (SID), where they were investigating criminal activity by public and law enforcement officials, in February 1988. Moreover, Christopher first encountered Johnnie Cochran, who represented several victims of suspected police brutality, in this capacity. Darden and Cochran were close partners, and Darden looked up to Cochran as a mentor figure.

Initially, Christopher was engaged in the murder case of OJ Simpson. This was after he was requested by the Deputy District Attorneys Marcia Clark. Willian Hodgman was the one who was going to lead the prosecution of Ai Cowlings. Cowling was a friend to OJ Simpson and also a driver of the white Ford Bronco during the unpopular car chase. Moreover, After Darden’s work on the Al Cowlings case concluded, Clark asked Darden to join the Simpson team as case manager because she and Hodgman were bogged down by several prosecution motions and filings. Clark also charged Darden with briefing the prosecution’s evidence for testimony, including primary witness Detective Mark Fuhrman.

A Photo of Christopher Darden
A Photo of Christopher Darden

How Old Is Christopher Darden?

He was born on April 7, 1956, and currently, he is 65 years old.

Christopher Darden Family

Who Are Christopher Darden Parents?

He was born in Richmond, California, however, he has managed to keep information about his parents private, but we will update it as soon as possible.

Does Christopher Darden Have Siblings?

He has eight siblings, though much is not known about them

Christopher Darden Education

He attended John F. Kennedy High School and graduated in 1974. After that, he joined San Jose State University where he graduated with B.S in Criminal Justice administration in 1977. He went ahead and studied law at the University of California and graduated in 1980, with a Juris Doctor.

Christopher Darden Spouse

He is happily married to Marcia Carter, a TV executive. The couple tied the knot on August 31st, 1997.

Christopher Darden Kids

The couple are blessed with three kids,

Working as a Co-Prosecutor

After Hodgman was incapacitated by a disease related to stress while in the courtroom shortly before the opening statements, Darden was confirmed as the new co-prosecutor. Christopher’s relationship with Cochran, a key player on Simpson’s legal team, became compromised as a result of their opposing views on the inclusion of bigotry in the lawsuit. Simpson was eventually acquitted.

After the OJ Simpson case Christopher stepdown and joined the faculty at California State University, Los Angeles, where he was teaching criminal law to undergraduates. In addition, he was appointed as Associate Professor of Law at Southwestern University School of Law. Furthermore, he taught in criminal procedure and trial advocacy.

Furthermore, he has also worked as a legal analyst for CNBC, CNN, Court TV, and NBC. Moreover, he is a regular contributor and commentator on CNN, Court TV, and Fox News Network. Touched by Angel, Girlfriends, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Howard Stern Show, Muppets Tonight, Roseanne, the film Liar Liar (uncredited), and the television film One Hot Summer Night have all featured him as a guest star. In addition he is a former principal attorney in the syndicate legal show Power of Attorney.


Christopher is also an author. Apart from In Contempt, which chronicles his experience with the OJ Simpson trial. Moreover, Darden has also written several crime novels, such as The Trials of Nikki Hill in 1999, LA Justice in 2000, and Last Defense in 2002. In 1996, he was featured on the cover of Newsweek with an article called “My Case Against O.J.” that discussed his role in the trial of OJ Simpson.


After leaving law school in 1999, he started his own firm, Darden & Associate, Inc., specializing in criminal defense and civil litigation. In 2007, December he was considered for promotion to a judgeship by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Christopher revealed that he also believed Simpson was guilty in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired on February 9, 2006. He went on to say that he was as disgusted by Mark Fuhrman’s perjury as he was by Goldman and Simpson’s murders.

On September 6th, 2012, Christopher accused the late Johnnie Cochran, of manipulation. Johnnie was Simpson was the defense lawyer. However, Alan Dershowitz termed the claims as total fabrication citing that the defense doesn’t get access to evidence except under controlled circumstances.

Christopher spoke on behalf of Eric Ronald Holder, Jr. at his arraignment on April 4, 2019. He entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Holder, who is charged with the murder of Nipsey Hussle. Darden withdrew from the lawsuit on May 10, the same day as the court date. Darden issued numerous death threats as a result of his representation of Holder.

From April 2020, he has been representing a man accused of pulling a knife on a television crew at a Covid-19 anti-lockdown protest rally in Hunting Beach and forcing them to erase the clips. In addition, it was reported in August 2020, that Christopher would represent Corey Walker, who was the alleged killer of rapper Pop Smoke.

Christopher Darden Height/ Measurement

At the moment there is no available about his weight and body measurement but we will update as soon as possible.

Christopher Darden Net Worth

He has a net worth of about $2million

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