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Who is Chris Eakin?

Chris Eakin is a prominent journalist who served as a newsreader on the BBC’s 24-hour rolling news channel, BBC News, and a relief presenter on BBC News at One at weekends. In1997, he was one of the channel’s launches presenters. He is also a published author, and on May 28, 2015, he left the BBC.

He is accredited because he is an award-winning journalist with more than 35 years of experience. This is both newspaper investigation, and anchoring BBC network news. During his time on BBC News Channel, he has anchored more than 8000 hours of live studio TV as well as 20,000 interviews.
His skills don’t perfect only at home live, but also abroad anchoring including; Belfast, Belgrade, and Beirut. And also including the 2005 London bombings in Tavistock Square. On BBC 1and BBC 2, he hosted Breakfast News, a one o’clock bulletin, and other special breaking news programs. Chris is a published author and has written ‘A Race Too Far.

How Old is Chris Eakin?

He is 61 years old as of 2022, having been born on January 1, 1961, in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Chris shares his birthdate with celebrities such as;  Acrello, Poppy, dheanasaur, Verne Troyer (1969-2018), Lil Bo Weep (1998-2022), and many more.

Chris Eakin Family

Who are Chris Eakin’s Parents?

He was born to a civil engineer father. However, his parents’ names are not mentioned anywhere on the internet. In case of news regarding his parents’ names, we will update it here as soon as possible.

Does Chris Eakin have Siblings?

He has an elder brother by the name of Michael, he is Chief Executive of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. And a younger brother by the name of Clive, the works in BBC local radio in Warwickshire.

Chris Eakin Education

He received his education at Calday Grange Grammar School but left in 1979.

Chris Eakin Marital Status

He is married to the love of his life Deborah. Together, they live in London. His wife is a GP.

A Photo of Chris Eakin
A Photo of Chris Eakin

Chris Eakin Kids

There is no news on the internet regarding whether he has kids or not. In case of news regarding this matter, we will update it here as soon as possible.

Chris Eakin Career

He has worked as a journalist for various corporations. Including; he was at Wirral News from 1979-83, he was a freelance journalist in Cheshire from 1983-85. From 1985 to 1989 he was a reporter at Liverpool Daily Post & Echo and then he was an Assistant Editor. During his time in Liverpool, he was the winner of the Whitbread Regional Reporter of the Year for a co-authored investigation. Chris worked as a journalist at Central TV, Birmingham from 1989-to 90. He was then a reporter for BBC looks North at Newcastle upon Tyne, from 1990-97. Eakin from his time at BBC Look North was the Winner of the Ne Royal Television Society ‘Reporter of the Year’ winning the award twice.

A BBC News Career

He was a presenter on BBC News. A full-time staff presenter from the launch of BBC News Channel in 1997. He has interviewed the most front-line UK politicians of the last 20 years from Tony Blair to Theresa May. From Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson to Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. During his tenure at BBC News, he has anchored outside broadcast news from various locations.

Including Belfast, Belgrade, Beirut, Buckingham Palace, Tavistock Square in London, and numerous UK floods including in Cockermouth, Tewkesbury, and Boscastle, Cornwall. After the Glasgow Airport terror attack in 2007, Chris was the main on-site anchor for BBC News. On May 28, 2015, he left the BBC with his final show running from 11 am until 2 pm. After being in the BBC News for 18 years, a brief tribute was paid to him when robotic camera No. 4 moved into his shot with the autocue reading “Goodbye Chris”.
After leaving the BBC, Chris is now a freelance journalist, author, trainer, and host.

A Publishing Career

He has written a book entitled “A Race Too Far”. The book describes the 1968 sailing race to be the first person to sail non-stop around the world single-handed.

Chris Eakin Height and Measurements

His height and weight are documented anywhere on the internet. In case of news regarding this matter, we will update it here as soon as possible.

Chris Eakin Salary and Net Worth

His salary is not documented anywhere on the internet. Nevertheless, he is estimated to have a net worth of around $1-3 million.