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Who is  Celia Walden ?

Celia Walden (Celia Morgan Walden) is British, journalist, author and critic. She also the columnist for the Daily Telegraph who also writes for the Glamour magazine. 

Celia Walden stated her career as journalist  at publication including the Evening Standard and Daily mail. She was the last editor of The Daily Telegraph’s, previously she had wrote for the Evening Standard and Daily Mail. In 2008 Celia published her first novel which was called Harm’s Way.

On 24th, March, she wrote a column that was published in The Daily Telegraph, and expressed her hatred of cyclist .At the end of her article it read ” .. and of cause this lot are so confident on the road that they will all be plugged to their iPods, calmly humming  ‘lalalala’ a long to Sasha Distell, as that articulated lorry indicates left. The article came the same week that cyclist had been killed by a heavy good vehicle in Central London. Walden was highly condemned by the Cycling Intelligence Website .

Her second book which was called Baby Sitting George, was BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week and it was nominated for the William Hill in 2011 Sportsbook of the Year prize. However the book was furiously criticized as “largely fictional” by his Widow , Alex Best . She went a head and threatened to take legal action against the book’s publisher, Bloomsbury Publishing. The observer quoted the former mistress, Gina Devivo describing the work as being someone ” with a very good imagination” . They also claimed that Celia had only spent “a few days ” with the footballer. In 2015 she surprised the world after admitting that she had been a member of the extramarital hookup site. She later claimed that she had only signed for article research.


Celia Walden’s Family


She is the daughter of the Former Conservative Party Member of Parliament George Walden.

Husband and kids

Celia started dating  the former newspaper editor Piers Morgan in 2006. Pier was 55 years at that time and he was stilled married to the wife. They later went a head and did a wedding in 2010 after dating for 4 years. Their wedding took place in Swinbrook, Oxford shire. In June 2011 Celia announced that they were expecting a child. On November, 25th, 2011, she gave birth to Elise Morgan. Elise Morgan is her first child and her Husband’s fourth child and the only girl in Piers kids.

Celia Walden’s Education.

Walden attended school at Westminster School and later moved to Cambridge University where she studied degree in French and Italian Literature.

Celia’s Age

She was on born 8th, December 1975 and she is currently 45 years.

 Walden’s Height

Walden is 5 feet 3 inches few inches shorter than her husband.

Celia Walden’s Net Worth and Salary

Walden per Pay scale, an estimated salary of the TV, Radio host is $58,000 and she also earn revenues from her books. Along with her Husband Piers who has a Net Worth of $20 million and a salary of $2 million are living flamboyant life style.

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