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Who is Catherine Hooper?

Catherine Hooper is an American Businesswoman, she is also engaged to Andrew Madoff the Son of Bernie Madoff. She was raised in New York. Before meeting Madoff she was working at the store that deals with high-end fishing equipment.

In late 2008 Hooper moved in with his lover Andrew after Andrew’s father Bernie Madoff confessed he was running a massive Ponzi Scheme.

In 2011, publisher Little, Brown & Company anticipated that its fall release schedule included a book that showed “the inner story of life with one of the most controversial figures of our time”. After a leak, it seemed to reveal Hooper and Laurie Sandell were the book, the publishing co-authors speculated that the book was about Bernie Madoff. When “Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family” was released, Sandell was the only author credited. Andrew Assisted Hooper in founding the Black Umbrella, an organization that helps people plan for disasters. Andrew had suffered from cancer in 2003 but was in remission. He started cancer treatment again, after a relapse in 2011. Moreover, he underwent a stem cell transplant in mid-2014 and his recovery looked promising. However, he later died of sudden complications in September 2014.

The value of Madoff estate was around $ 16 million. He tried to create a trust fund that would have paid Catherine $ 50,000 a month. However Irving Picard, a bankruptcy trustee who is trying to recover property from clients who do not know Bernie Madoff, has seized the money. According to Hopper, when Madoff died, she transferred to a 500-square-foot (46-square-foot) apartment, where she and her daughter shared several beds. Hopper also played Lily Rap in a witch.

A Photo pf Catherine Hooper
A Photo pf Catherine Hooper


Catherine Hooper’s Age

She was born in 1975 currently 45-46 years.

Catherine Hooper’s Family

Catherine’s secretive nature has shown up in his personal life. He has managed to keep his family background very private. In case there is news regarding Hooper’s parents and siblings, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Catherine Hooper’s Education

Information regarding where Catherine received his high school/college education still remains private.

Catherine Hooper’s Spouse/ Boyfriend

She was engaged to the late Andrew Madoff the son of Bernie Madoff. The two lovebirds met way back when Hooper was working in a store that sold high-end fishing equipment. In 2008 she move in with Madoff.

Catherine Hooper’s Kids

She has one daughter.

Catherine Hooper’s Height

Her height is not available at the moment but we will update it sooner.

Catherine Hooper’s Net Worth

Her Net Worth is not available at the moment. However, when her fiancee died he left her an estate worth $16 million and a trust fund that will pay her $500k a month but the bankruptcy trustee tied up the funds while trying to recover the money his father had swindled from his clients