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Who is Carolyn Goodman?

Carolyn Goodman is an American politician currently serving as mayor of Las Vegas since 2011. In addition, she’s the second woman to be elected as the mayor of Las Vegas. Moreover, she is the founder, trustee, and the president of Emeritus of The Meadows.


Despite being a politician she is also the founder and the president of The Meadows School. Carolyn together with her husband relocated to Las Vegas in 1964. Soon after arriving in Las Vegas, she became an active member of the local Jewish Federation.

Moreover, after being a member of the Local Jewish for some time, she finally became a leader of the local Jewish federations. Carolyn held the position for numerous years. In addition, the United Way of Southern Nevada awarded her with a Commitment to Education Award in 2009.

Goodman was elected mayor of Las Vegas with 60% of the vote. However, this was after they went for a runoff election on June 7, 2011. After winning the election she took office on July 6, 2011. Moreover, After completing her first term she was re-elected in 2015, this time getting 83.5% of the vote. As a result of her good work, she was re-elected to a third (and, owing to term restrictions, final) term in April 2019.

Carolyn met President Barack Obama at McCarran International Airport on October 24, 2011. In response to Obama’s two-year-old harsh statements about Las Vegas that enraged her husband, the previous mayor, she informed him that “the slate is fresh new and clean,” and she handed him one of her fortunate mayor chips as a present.

Moreover, during the 2016 general election, she endorsed Ruben Kihuen for the US House of Representatives in 2016. Ruben won the election defeating the Cresent Hardy, who was the sitting Representative at that time. After that, she endorsed Joe Heck for the US Senate. However, she didn’t support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. She termed his action of not supporting any of them as an independent.

A Photo of Carolyn Goodman
A Photo of Carolyn Goodman

How Old Is Carolyn Goodman?

She was born on March 25th, 1939, and currently, she is 82 years old.

Carolyn Goodman Family

Who are Carolyn’s Parents?

She was born in New York City, although she has managed to keep information about his parents background private. However, the details will be updated as they are available.

Does She Have Siblings?

Currently, there is no information about his siblings but we will update it as soon as possible.

Carolyn Goodman Education.

She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1961 with a degree in anthropology. Moreover, after relocating to Los Vegas in 1964, she later enrolled in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and she graduated in 1973 with a master’s degree in counseling.

Carolyn Goodman Husband

She is married to Oscar Goodman, though much is not known about their marriage life.

Carolyn Goodman Kids

Together with her husband, they have four adult children and six grandchildren. Their son Oscar jr is a doctor working at the comprehensive cancer center of Nevada, Eric is a Las Vegas justice of the piece, Ross is a criminal lawyer while Cara is a marriage and family therapist and she also works with burn victims at University Medical Center.


As a mayor, she has tried to push Las Vegas as a home for professional sports teams. Moreover, after the Vegas Golden Knights started playing professional hockey in the 2017-2018 season they confirmed they were going to move to Las Vegas starting 2020. In addition, also the Oakland Raiders announced their relocation to Las Vegas, However, non of the teams are from Las Vegas both are from Paradise, Nevada, outside the mayor’s jurisdiction.

Carolyn has tried numerous times to get a soccer club to come to Las Vegas, including proposals for a Major League Soccer expansion franchise. As a result, of her effort, she eventually landed a second-division team, the United Soccer League’s Las Vegas Lights FC, who started playing in 2018.

However, due to term limitations, she can’t run for reelection. In addition, her term was extended in 2019 as a result of a state law that shifted all municipal elections held in off-years to even-numbered years. Due to this law, her term will now expire in 2024.

During interviews with MSNBC’s Katy Tur and CNN’s Anderson Cooper on April 22 and 23, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Carolyn said that she wants to reopen Las Vegas’ casinos and hotels. After she was asked about the processes that must be followed to ensure customer safety. She responded by saying that it was not her duty and that it was up to the companies to do so.

Furthermore, she questioned the influence of social distance during her interview with Cooper, stating, “We Las Vegas volunteered to be a control group…” to see what would happen if casinos reopened, but was cautioned against it “…because people from all across southern Nevada come into work in the city.”

In addition, she also suggested that social distance should be subjected to a placebo test. She also stated that she would really love to be part of that placebo. Moreover, Cooper asked her if Casinos were reopened if she will go she responded by saying she has a family and she doesn’t gamble.

However, on the other hand, Governor Steve Sisolak, said he was not going to allow the residents of Nevada to be used as a Control group or as a placebo. He went ahead and stated that workers to be in a position where they have to choose life or job.

Carolyn Goodman Height

She stands on an average height of 5ft 4inch and weighs 68 kgs

Carolyn Goodman Net Worth

She has not yet disclosed her actual net worth, however, as of 2020 her net worth was estimated to be over $ 5 million

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