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 Who is Brent Renaud?

Brent Anthony Renaud was a famous American journalist, documentary filmmaker, and photojournalist. He worked alongside his brother Craig to produce movies for outlets including HBO and Vice News. Renaud was also a former contributor to The New York Times. According to Ukrainian officials, Brent was killed by Russian soldiers while covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine in a suburb bear Kyiv on March 13, 2022.

Brent Renaud Career

Renaud resided and worked in Little Rock and New York City. Together with his brother Craig, Brent produced a series of movies and television shows. The films and programs mainly focus on humanistic stories from the world’s hot spots. The Renaud brothers filmed the Discovery Channel series ”Off to War”, from 2004 to 2005. The series covered Arkansas reservists in the Iraqi conflict and their families.

The duo brothers also covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the political crisis in Egypt and Libya, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. As well as the conflicts in Africa, the refugee crisis in Central America, and the Mexican drug war. The Renaud brothers won various awards in TV and journalism such as a Peabody Award in 2015 for their video series ”Last Chance High”. They then directed the documentary Meth Storm, launched by HBO Documentary Films in 2017.

Brent was selected as a visiting professor at the University of Arkansas in 2019 and was a 2019 Nieman Fellow. Alongside his brother, Brent was a grantee of the Pulitzer Center, and also they founded the Little Rock Film Festival.


Ukrainian officials confirmed that Renaud was shot and killed by Russian soldiers in Irpin, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine as he covered the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Two more journalists were injured and taken to hospital.

One of them, Juan Arredondo, later confirmed in a video published by an Italian journalist on Twitter that the group was filming civilians evacuating through one of the bridges in Irpin. There they were targeted by soldiers who shot Brent in the neck. This was the first reported death of a foreign journalist in the 2022 war in Ukraine.

A photo of Brent Renaud

How old is Brent Renaud?

Brent Anthony Renaud was aged 50 at the time of his death on March 13, 2022, in Irpin, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine where he was killed by Russian soldiers. He was born on October 2, 1972, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Brent shares his birthday with famous people including Jacob Sartorius, Akira Akbar, Rubi Rose, Mahatma Gandhi, Roberto Firmino, Lorraine Bracco, Nat Turner, Groucho Marx, Kelly Ripa, Lal Bahadur, Kelly Willis, Gillian Welch, among others

Brent Renaud Family

Who are Brent Renaud’s parents?

Brent Anthony Renaud was born in Memphis, Tennessee to his parents, Georgann Freasier and Louis Renaud. His mother was a social worker while his father was a salesman. He was brought up in Little Rock, Arkansas alongside his brother.

Does Brent Renaud have siblings?

Renaud was born in a family of two sons, he has one brother, Craig Renaud who is also a producer and journalist.

Brent Renaud Education

Renaud studied at a private high school before joining the Southern Methodist University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. He then attended Columbia University where he graduated with a master’s degree in sociology.

Brent Renaud Wife

Renaud had not shared any information about his marriage life and his wife. It is not clear if he was married at the time of his demise.

Brent Renaud Kids

Renaud kept his personal life private and had not shared any information about his family and children. It is still unclear if he had any children by the time of his death.

Brent Renaud Height

Renaud, a filmmaker, and journalist had a well-built and physically fit body with an impressive height of 5 ft 8 in (1.72 m) and a weight of 75 kg (165 lbs).

Brent Renaud Net Worth

American award-winning filmmaker and journalist, Renaud has been active from the early 2000s to 2022. He has produced various films and series and covered wars in numerous places around the world. Brent died in his line of duty having earned an accumulative net worth of $3 million as of 2022.