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Who is Bill Lee?

Bill Lee (William Bryon Lee) is an American businessman and politician. Currently, she is serving as the 50th governor of Tennesse. He was elected in 2018, in addition, he is a member of the Republican Party.

Prior to joining politics, he was working at the Lee Company, the business operated by the Lee family. At the company, he was the president of the company and a CEO. He held that position from 1992 to 2016.


Bill began his career as a businessman where he was working in a family business. He later became the president and CEO of the Lee Company. The company y was a home -services and construction company. He worked for the company from 1992 to 2016. In addition, he has also served as the chairman of the company.

A Photo of Bill Lee
A Photo of Bill Lee

How Old Is Bill Lee?

He was born on October 9th, 1959, and currently, she is aged

Bill Lee Family

Who are His Parents?

Lee was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, he grew up in his grandfather’s cattle ranch. Despite, him not disclosing his parents’ name, he is of the seventh generation Tennessean.

Does He Have Siblings?

He has a sister by the name of Cynthia Lee, though much is not known about her.

Bill Lee Education

He attended Franklin High School in his hometown. After that, he enrolled in Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama where he graduated in 1981 with mechanical engineering.

Bill Lee Wife

Currently, he is married to Maria Lee, who is his second wife. The two lovebirds got married in 2008. His first wife, Carol died in 2000 after she was involved in a horseback riding accident.

Bill Lee Kids

Together with his late wife, they share four kids, after his wife died he took a break from work in order to take care of his kids.

Political Career

2018 Governorship election

Bill announced his bid to run for the 2018 gubernatorial seat in April 2017. Moreover, as a self-described conservative, he aimed at pro-business Republicans. During the Republican election, he faced Diane Black, Knoxville, Randy Boyd, and Beth Harwell.

Initially, he was seen as a long shot. However, he surged in the polls as Boyd and Black started negative campaigning against each other. He received 291,414 votes (36.8%) in the August 2 primary, compared to Boyd’s 193,054 (24.3%), Black’s 182,457 (23.0%), and Harwell’s 121,484 (15.3%).

During the general election, he defeated Democratic candidate, former Nashville mayor Karl Dean, on November 6, garnering 1,336,106 votes (59.5%) to Dean’s 864,863 votes (38.5% ). In addition, Lee previously spearheaded the Tennessee Prayer Breakfast and served on its committee.



After winning the election, h took over the office on January 19th, 2019. After taking the office he issued five executive orders in his first two months in office. One of the orders addressed economically distressed rural counties in Tennessee, another addressed non-discrimination in employment, and a third imposed a 90- day ” freeze” on the issuance of new regulations by the executive department.

In addition, he also announced that the governor’s website was going to include a new feature to allow citizens to give feedback on bills that had passed through the General Assembly and were awaiting his signature or rejection.

As governor, Lee has opposed efforts to extend TennCare, the state’s Medicaid program. However, he supports legislation presented in the Tennessee General Assembly that would prohibit abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, potentially contradicting the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Lee said in February 2019 that his budget plan for the 2020 fiscal year will include a repeal of Tennessee’s ten percent entertainment tax on gyms, fitness facilities, and health clubs. Furthermore, he contended that the tax inhibits Tennesseans from engaging in physical activity.

Moreover, he is the first governor of Tennesse to deliver a “state of West Tennessee” address. In addition, he made his first State of the State speech to the Tennessee General Assembly on March 4. He advocated for the establishment of more charter schools as well as the reinstatement of paper-based evaluations for students taking the TNReady exam.

Bill is one of the governors who has the greatest approval rating of any statewide politician, at 62%. Moreover, he appointed Kyle Hixson as a criminal court judge for the 6th judicial district on December 10. On December 13, he announced that Hyosung Heavy Industries will make an investment worth $86.9 million and create 410 jobs in Memphis.


During her tenure in 2020, Bill Lee has signed legislation that would prohibit abortions when a fetal heartbeat is discovered, similar to legislation that has been defeated in other states.

Furthermore, he also issued another executive order on January 7 that provided state employees with three months of paid leave for new parents and carers of ailing families. However, Amazon didn’t support the legislation. Amazon had just announced in July 2019 that it will add 5,000 jobs to Nashville.  Apart from the above bills he also signed other bills.


Lee was one of the leaders who criticized the storming of the United States Capitol during the Electoral College vote count and embarrassed Joe Biden as the President-elect. Furthermore, he also delivered the State of the Senate address on February 8th, where he outlined budget and legislative priorities. In addition, he also addressed the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 26, Lee signed legislation banning transgender athletes from competing in sports that are diametrically opposed to their biological sex, becoming Tennessee the third state to do so. Moreover, he also passed legislation in May prohibiting transgender students from using public school bathrooms that correspond to their gender identification.

Moreover, in May 2021 he approved a law that would force business that serves transgender customer equally with restrooms to display warning signs if they do so. However, the bill was opposed and criticized by LGBT activists, some of the Republicans and Democrats. Their rejection was to shame, cause failure to, and drive business away from certain establishments by singling them out.

As a result of this bill many corporations and business leaders, such as Nissan North America, Amazon, Dell, Pilot, Mars PetCare, and Warner Music Group, have threatened to leave the state. In the process of leaving they will take their business with them in protest of these measures, as has Republican transgender businesswoman Jennifer Pritzker.

Bill Lee Height

His height, weight, and body measurement are not available at the moment, but we will update the information as soon as possible.

Bill Lee Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $ 20 million

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