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Who is Benny Hinn?

Benny Hinn ( Toufik Benedictus) is an Israel Televangelist, he is well known for his frequent “Miracle Crusades”, revival meetings that are usually held in a stadium in major cities. After that, they later air them globally on his television program called This Is Your Day.



After he relocated to the US, he began touring Orlando, Florida where he founded the Orlando Christian Center in 1983. After that, he started saying that God was using him as a conduit for healings. Furthermore, he started holding healing services in his church.

After that, the first nationally broadcast service was held in Flint, Michigan, in 1989, and these recent “Miracle Crusades” started to hold in big arenas and auditoriums around the United States and across the world. Furthermore, in 1990, he also established This Is Your Day, a daily talk program that still airs video of purported miracles from Hinn’s Miracle Crusades. Paul Crouch’s show, which would become one of Hinn’s most vocal defenders and allies, aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. From there, Hinn’s ministry grew quickly, gaining huge support. However, he also received criticism from other Christian figures.

A Photo of Benny Hinn
A Photo of Benny Hinn

Resigning as Orlando Pastor

However, in 1999, he resigned as a pastor of the Orlando Christian Center and moved to his ministry’s administrative headquarters to Grapevine Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth. Moreover, Benny was still hosting the This Is Your Day from a television studio in Orange County, California, where he now lives with his family. Under the leadership of Clint Brown, Benny’s former church was rebranded to Faith World Church. This was after Brown merged his church together with his.

Furthermore, Beeny is a Christian author who has written a series of Christian novels. His thirty-minute Christian television show This Is Your Day is aired on Christian television networks such as Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television Network, Revelation TV, Grace TV, Vision TV, INSP Networks, and The God Channel. Moreover, Benny conducts frequent “Miracle Crusades,” which are prayer meetings and faith healing ceremonies held in sporting stadiums around the country. Every year, tens of millions of people flock to his Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades annually.

Benny claims to have reached one billion people through his crusades. This includes an unforgettable crusade which was attended by 7.3 million people in three services. The crusade was held in India and it was the largest healing crusade recorded in history. Holyfield who was diagnosed with a non-compliant left ventricle has credited Benny for his healing. He stated that God Worked through Benny and he was healed as he had a “warm feeling” go through his chest as Hinn touched him.


Benny Teachings are somehow charismatic accepting the validity of spiritual gifts, and World of Faith in origin, with a focus on financial prosperity. However, any of Hinn’s teachings and practices are discriminated by modern Christianity. The charismatic Christian culture (which comprises 46 percent of US Protestants and 36 percent of US Catholics, according to a 2007 survey by The Barna Group) is diverse, and Hinn’s theories are not widely adopted.


Benny HinnMinistries is reported to support over 60 mission organizations all over the world. Furthermore, it claims to house and feed more than 100,000 children in one year. It also goes ahead and supports around 45,000 children on a daily basis due to its donors. In 2005, Benny Hinn Ministries contributed $100,000 to Hurricane Katrina relief supplies, and in 2007, $250,000 to the tsunami relief effort.

How Old Is Benny Hinn?

He was born on 3rd, December in 1952, and currently, he is aged 68 years old.

Benny Hinn Family

Who are His Parents?

He was born in Jaffa to Clemence Hinn and Costandi Hinn. His parent are born in Palestine with Greek-Egyptian, Palestinian, and Armenian Lebanese heritage.

Does He Have Siblings?

He has six siblings, Sam Hinn, Michael, William, Henry, Chris Hinn, and Rosa Hinn.

Benny Hinn’s Education

His family relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he attended Georges Vanier Secondary School. However, he never graduated and in his book, he says his father was a mayor of jaffa at that time.

Benny Hinn’s Wife

He is married to Suzanne Hinn, the two lovebirds tied the knot in 1972. However, in 2010 they divorced, after three years of divorce they remarried again in 2013 and currently they live happily together.

Benny Hinn Kids

The couple shares four kids, Jessica Hinn, Natasha, Josh, Hannah

Benny Hinn Height

He stands at an average height of 1.85m tall and weighs 88kgs.

Benny Hinn’s Net Worth

His net worth as of 2021, is $75million.

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