Barbara Starr Bio-Wiki, Age, Family, Husband, CNN, and Salary

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  2. Who are Starr’s parents and siblings?
  3. What are Starr’s interests and hobbies?
  4. Is Starr married or does she have a boyfriend?
  5. Does Starr have any children?
  6. Where is Starr now?
  7. How tall is Starr?
  8. How much money does Starr earn?
  9. What is Starr’s net worth?

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Who is Barbara Starr?

Barbara Starr is an American television news journalist who serves as CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, based in Washington, DC. Starr served as a correspondent for Business Week magazine, covering energy matters from 1979 to 1988. She later worked for the news magazine Jane’s Defense Weekly from 1988 to 1997. There she covered national security and defense policy before joining ABC News as a producer, covering the Pentagon.

She also served as the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for Jane’s Defence Weekly, a London-based weekly newsmagazine. Starr covered all aspects of national security, the intelligence community, defense, and military policy for nine years. During this time, she conducted numerous one-on-one interviews with current secretaries of defense and directors of central intelligence. She also traveled to the Balkans, the Persian Gulf and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

A photo of Barbara Starr
A photo of Barbara Starr

Starr joined ABC News in 1998. She worked as a producer for the network’s news originating from the Pentagon until her departure in 2001. There, she was providing on- and off-air reporting on military and national security affairs. She also reported for Nightline, World News This Morning, World News Now, ABC Radio, and

Barbara Starr CNN

She joined CNN in 2001 as the lead Pentagon correspondent covering national security issues including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Starr provides viewers with the latest national security news each day from the Pentagon. She also works her sources to report on the military campaigns against ISIS, investigations in terror attacks, and military and intelligence operations.

Barbara appears regularly on several shows across the network which include The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, and New Day. She is seen breaking big news and delivering exclusive coverage on the U.S. military and political situation on a global scale.

In 2014,  she was honored by The Panetta Institute for Public Policy with a Jefferson-Lincoln Award for her work in journalism. Since 2003, she has made repeated trips to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. There, she has been embedded with U.S. troops. In 2006, she traveled to Beirut, Lebanon with U.S. Marines tasked with evacuating Americans during Israel’s war with Hezbollah.

How Old Is Barbara Starr?

Starr is 69 years old as of 2019 having been born on  September 11, 1950, in the United States. She shares her birthday with other famous people such as Jc Caylen, BigNik, Vivi-Anne Stein, Tyler Hoechlin, Mark Bowling, among others. 

Who are Barbara Starr’s parents?

Does Barbara Starr have siblings?

Starr’s secretive nature has shown up in her personal life. She has managed to keep her family background very private. In case there is news regarding her parents and siblings, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Barbara Starr Education

Starr received her university education from California State University from where she earned a degree in journalism.

Barbara Starr Husband

On his love life matters, Starr is seen as a person who hates drama and loves her privacy. She has managed to keep her marriage/dating life low key and leaving many with a lot of unanswered questions. In case there is any news regarding this matter, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Barbara Starr Height

Adding to her beautiful well-curved body, Starr stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Barbara Starr Salary

Starr has done great work in her field and gained widespread recognition. However,  her salary is not yet disclosed. In case there is any news regarding her salary, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Barbara Starr Net Worth

Starr has earned greatly through her television career. However, her net worth is not yet revealed. In case there is any news regarding her net worth, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Barbara Starr Awards

While still at ABC News, Starr won an Emmy Award as a location producer at NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain, covering the transition to the new millennium at Moscow rollover time.

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