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Who is Baker Mayfield?

Baker Reagan Mayfield is a well-known American footballer. At Oklahoma, she played college football where he won the Heisman Trophy. Also, in 2018, he was picked by the Browns first overall.

In his NFL entrance, Mayfield was drawn to his first win in 19 games where he settled the rookie quarterback for passing touchdowns. Also, he bounced in 2020 when he took the Browns to be his first tournament appearance

How Old is Baker Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield is 27 years old as of April 2022, having been born on 14 April 1995 in Austin, Texas, United States. He shares her birthdates with celebrities such as Abigael Breslin, Actor Abigael, Adrien Brody, Loretta Lynn, Robert Carlyle, and others.

Baker Mayfield Family

Who are Baker Mayfield’s Parents?

Mayfield was born to Gina and James Mayfield.

Does Baker Mayfield have siblings?

His known sibling is Older than Baker Mayfield whose name is Matt Mayfield. Also, Baker’s brother was a Walk-on Baseball Player at TexasA&M.

A photo of Baker Mayfield
A photo of Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield’s Education

Baker Mayfield received his high school/ college education at Travis High School and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in degree after earning $ 18.86 million. He also played a secondary role as a freshman, he played a role where he won two Burlsworth Trophies and one for each school he walked onto.
Baker Mayfield Interests and Hobbies
He was interested in the trade market and also he loved dancing.

Baker Mayfield Wife

Baker Mayfield has been married to the love of his life Emily Wilkinson. The couples started dating prior to the NFL Draft when Mayfield was coming out of Oklahoma. Also, the couple was living in California. Also, they were living together and in the course o the week and got engaged within six months. They did their wedding after being engaged for over one year.

Baker Mayfield Divorce

He has reached a point where the team wants an adult who is headed to divorce.

Baker Mayfield -kids

On his life matters, Baker Mayfield is seen as a person who hates drama and loves his privacy. Baker has managed to keep his marriage/dating life low keys and leave many with a lot of unanswered questions. In case there is any news regarding this topic, we will update it here as soon as possible.

Baker Mayfield College career

Texas Tech

Mayfield was named as the starting quarterback before the start of the 2013 season. Also, Mayfield was the first to start an FBS season opener at the quarterback position.
Mayfield had 780 season yards and seven scores which were ahead by 755 yards and six touchdowns increased by Texas Tech’s last true freshman quarterback, Aron Keesee, in 10 games.
In November, Mayfield was named one of his competitors for the Burlsworth Trophy whereby the award was given to the best player in constituent I football who could start his college career as a progressional.
In the 2013 season, Mayfield Netted Big 12 Conference Freshman Offensive Player. Also, due to confusion, he declared that he would leave the program with the coaching staff.


In January 2014, Mayfield shifted to the University of Oklahoma after playing for Texas Tech whereby he didn’t address Sooner’s coaching staff. In an interview with ESPN, he was involved with them where he desired to shift because of scholarship issues.
Bob who was the Oklahoma head coach, accepted Mayfield to be walking on for the Oklahoma Sooners in February 2014. Also, he lost a season of acceptability because the Big 12 Conference shift rules failed to appeal his transfer restrictions.

2015 seasons

After he won an open quarterback competition against Trevor Knight, he was named the starting quarterback on August 24, 2015. He also counted 388 passing yards with three passing touchdowns on 23 finishing in a 41-3 win at
Neyland Stadium during the second match of the 2015 season. Also 187 yards three touchdowns were dashed on 19 finals, whereby he dashed two interceptions early in the game. In the 52-38 win, he dashed for 85 yards and 2 touchdowns. Mayfield had 3,700 passing yards, 36 touchdowns, and seven interceptions which pushed him to fourth place in voting for the Heisman Trophy. Also, he served as a championship for the 2015 College Football Playoff, and Oklahoma was lost to Clemson by a gain of 37-17.

2016 season

He had 322 passing yards and two touchdowns in a 33_23 loss to #15 Houston where he started off the 2016 season. Mayfield had 545 passing yards and seven touchdowns in an extraordinary matchup against Future NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It was declared that Mayfield and his top receiving goal, Dede Westbrook, would be a competitor for the 2016 Heisman Trophy in December 2016. Also, it was confirmed that they would play in the 2017 Sugar Bowl. In earning him the MVD award, he also finalized the game with 19 completions on 28 goes for 296 passing yards and two touchdowns.

2017 season

After he won against the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus, he drove the Sooners flag in the middle of the painted “O” at Ohio Stadium on September 9, 2017. Also, he dashed for a school-high 598 yards upon in-state rival Oklahoma on November 4, 2017. In Bedlam Series, he completed his career 3-0 as the starting Oklahoma State.
Mayfield was flammable again after the dialogue during the game against Kansas in November 2017. there was the return of the Big 12 Championship Game after six-year hiatus on December 2, 2017. When Oklahoma settled, a second playoff berth in three years, Mayfield had won MVP honors. With the sweeping majority, he won the 2017 Heiman Trophy on December 9, 2017. He also came out as the first and the only walker-on player to win the Heisman Trophy.

Baker Mayfield rule career

He moved from Texas to Oklahoma after his freshman year where he was called by NCAA to permit him to compete to play immediately at Oklahoma walk-on, also he was not a scholarship player at Texas Tech. He was denied his application by NCAA because he did not meet the form.
Texas Tech was requested by officials from Oklahoma to clear Mayfield’s immediate qualifications whereby, Texas Tech rejected the request before allowing a let out in July 2014.

Professional Career

Mayfield was chosen by Cleveland Browns with the first overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. Also on July 24, 2018, he had signed a four-year rookie contract with the Browns which dram worth $32.68 million in cinched salary.

2018 season

Against the New York Jets, Mayfield in his first NFL game in week 3. After ending their winless dash at 19 games, he set out 17 of 23, passing for 201 yards as the Browns came back and beat 21-17.
Mayfield was the 30th headmost quarterback for the Browns since their return to NFL in 1999. Dashing for 216 yards three touchdowns, and a passer rating of 151.2, with no outputs.
Due to unsportsmanlike conduct, Mayfield was fined $ 10,026 during the game. Also, Tom Mills, who was Mayfield’s agent said that they would claim the fine. Since 2007, he has seen the Browns9 lead a record 781 and their best entry. He accomplished the season with 3,725 passing yards and also bettered Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson for most touchdowns dashed in a rookie season with 27.
Also, the award was given to Giant running back Saquon Barkley whereby, Mayfield was regarded by many to be top for Offensive Rookie of the year 2018.

2019 season

Mayfield dashed to 285 yards and touchdowns in week 1 upon the Tennessee Titans. Also, he dashed three fourth-quarter cutoffs which were responded by Malcolm Butler for a touchdown. He accomplished 325 passing yards and a quick-attack pass to Beckham that started 89 yards for a touchdown as the brown won 23-3.

Upon Buffalo Bills, Mayfield listed his first game of the season with two or more passing touchdowns in week 10.
Also in week 12, against the Miami Dolphins, Mayfield dashed for 327 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception in the 41-24 win. He also finalized the 2019 season with 3,827 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions while the Browns ended with a 6-10 record.

2020 season

Mayfield dashed for 189 passing yards, a touchdown, and an interception in the 36-6 loss, which was upon Baltimore Ravens in the first week. He accomplished 10 of 18 passes for 119 yards, with one touchdown and two interceptions where he took four sacks over a 28-7 loss.
Also on November 8, he came across a person who had been contacted by Corona Virus whereby, Mayfield was placed on the list of COVID-19. Mayfield balanced with Otto Graham for the four first-half touchdowns .which marked Brown’s first winning record since 2007.
Mayfield dashed for 343 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception which moved for 23 yards and a touchdown during the 47-42 loss. The Browns also completed the daily season 11-5. Also, Mayfield finalized the 2020 season with 4,030 passing yards, 30 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions through 18 total games.

2021 season

Mayfield had the fifth-year contract option contract for the 2022 season where his salary of $18.9 million was cinched. He also went ahead to play where suffered during the Brown’s week 2 victory against the Houston Texan.
Mayfield suffered a right knee due to a crush of a week 10 loss to the Patriots. Also after the Mayfield final season, The Browns declared that he would undergo surgery on the torn labrum. Mayfield dashed for 3,010 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions in 14 games.

Baker Mayfield Height- Measurements

His Height is 1.85m and a weight of 98 Kg.
Baker Mayfield has earned greatly through his\her Football career.He/ She has an estimated net worth of $ 12 million.He/She receives a salary of$ 18.8 million.