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Who is Arsenio Hall?

Arsenio Hall is an American comedian Talk Show Host writer actor and producer. He is best known for hosting a late-night talk show called the Arsenio Hall Show that went on from 1989 to 1994 and was Revived again from 2013 to 2014.

Hall has also appeared in other shows including Star search where he was The Host, martial law, as well as coming to America in 1988 then coming 2 America 2021. Additionally, he’s also known for making Appearances on the talk show titled Thicke of the night s Allan Thicke’s sidekick. He also ran a reality competition game show known as Celebrity Apprentice 5 which rain on MBC in 2012.

Arsenio Hall’s Career

All move to Chicago and let her Los Angeles to start a career in comedy where he made Appearances on soul Train. In 1984, Hall served as the announcer for Allan Thicke on Thicke of the night which is a short life talk show. In the show, he was occasionally confused with Monty Hall in his role as a sidekick. All also made appearances on five week’s worth of episodes of the NBC game show known as match game Hollywood squares hour which ran on NBC from 1983 to 1984. From 1986 to 1987, he was the original voice of Winston Zeddemore in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. Later in 1988, Hall co-starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the comedy film known as coming to America.

A photo of Arsenio Hall
A photo of Arsenio Hall

Talk shows

Fox Network introduced a new show starring Joan Rivers known as The Tate Show in 1986 to rival Johnny Carson’s, Tonight Show. However, the ratings for the show went down even after a moderate start. Reverse left forks in 1987 after the relations between him and the network executives quickly eroded. The series was later renamed The Late Show which featured a number of interim hosts including, Suzanne Somers, Shawn Thompson, Richard Belzer, Rose Shaffer, and Robert Townsend before it was canceled in 1988.

In the fall of 1987, all got the job to host the show and his Style proved to be greatly popular but even turned out to be a cult that eventually led to him earning his own show in syndication. Hall also signed a contract that allowed him to host and nationally syndicated late-night talk-show from January 2, 1989, and tell 27th May 1994 which was known as the Arsenio Hall show. The show became a late-night success well known for its audience distinctive applause in chanting ” woof, woof, woof!” while pumping their fists.

The practices eventually became a ritual that became a pop-culture by 1991. Earning the pop-culture stamp of approval, became so well-known that appeared in films such as passenger, 57 Pretty Woman, Aladdin, and the hard way. Hall also h had a rivalry with Jay Leno after Leno was named The Tonight Show’s new host. It was this time that how are you claim that he would kick leno’s ass in ratings. After Magic Johnson contracted the HIV virus, Hall used his fame to help fight the global prejudice against HIV/AIDS. Actually, Johnson and Howell filmed a PSA in the 1990s about the disease which aired on live television.

Other television and radio work

Hall hosted the MTV Video Music Awards between 1988 and 1991. He has also appeared there’s a guest on many talk shows as a voice actor, in special features, on game shows as well as award shows. Hall has also played a Leading Role on television since the end of the Arsenio Hall show such as the 1997 sitcom Arsenio and martial law with Sammo Hung from 1988 to 2000. In addition, all hosted the revival of star search which one from 2003-2004 where he popularized the catchphrase ” hit me with the digits! ” in March 2004 coma he appeared as himself in the Chappelle’s Show where during a dinner scene, Chappelle imagined what are senior was doing then. Hall has also co-hosted as a guest on the Tim Conway Junior Show on Wednesday evenings Hyundai KLSX radio show on 97.1 frequency.

He also hosted a comic web video show on MynetworkTV known as the world’s funniest moments and 100 greatest black power moves on TV One. Hall made several Appearances on the Jay Leno show as well as a guest on the Lopez night. In fact, George Lopez claims that Arsenal was the reason behind him starting a late-night show considering he appeared on the Arsenio Hall show more than any other comedian. In 2012, all appeared as a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice’s 5th edition show which started airing on 19th February 2012. He also represented the Magic Johnson Foundation which is a charity he started dedicated to advancing social and economic equality among minorities in every community.

HIV/AIDs Awareness

This is the way of increasing innovation and Academic achievement. He also used the show to raise awareness of HIV/ AIDS as well as treatment and prevention. On May 20, 2012, Donald Trump Who is a billionaire real estate investor Joe’s hole as the celebrity finalist to hire during the live season finale. He also won a $250000 grand prize for winning the Celebrity Apprentice as well as an award for his charity.

How Old is Arsenio Hall?

Hall was born on February 12 1956 in Cleveland Ohio. is currently 65 years old.

Arsenio Hall’s Family

Who are Arsenio Hall’s parents?

Hall’s parents are named Fred Hall and Annie Hall. Fred is a baptist minister.

Does Arsenio Hall have siblings?

Hall does not have any siblings.

Arsenio Hall’s Education

Hall attended Warrensville Heights High School located in Warrensville Heights Ohio where he graduated in 1973. This was after briefly attending John F Kennedy High School. He later joined Ohio University and Kent State University for his college education.

Arsenio Hall’s wife

Hall married Cheryl Bonacci.

Arsenio Hall’s Children – Kids

Hall has a son named Arsenio Hall Jr.

Arsenio Hall’s Net Worth

Hall has an estimated net worth of $5 million.


Hall stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall.

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