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Who is Anthony Bourdain?

Anthony Bourdain was an American book, author, journalist, chef, and travel document area who featured in programs that focused on the exploration of international culture human condition, and cuisines. He was first known for his best-selling book titled kitchen Confidential call on adventures in the culinary underbelly released in 2000.

In 2000 and 2003, went for his fast food and world travel show on television titled a cooks Tour That ran for a total of 35 episodes on Food Network. Also in 2003, he started a new season titled the test that ran for three seasons. He later transferred his travelogue programming to hosting Anthony Bourdain: parts unknown on CNN. In addition to writing culinary books and television presentations, but then also wrote both historical nonfiction and fiction books. Bourdain passed away on June 8, 2018, in France by suicide.

Anthony Bourdain’s Career

Culinary Training

On graduating from Dwight – Englewood School in 1973 Bourdain and roll at Vassar College but dropped out 2 years later. While at Vassar where he worked in seafood restaurants in Massachusetts and Provincetown which inspired him to pursue a career in cooking. Later, in 1978, he attended the culinary institute of America. Bourdain then moved to run a number of restaurant kitchens in New York including one-fifth Avenue, super club, and Sullivan’s. Boarding later became an executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles in 1998.

A photo of Anthony bourdain
A photo of Anthony Bourdain

At this time, the brand which is based in Manhattan had additional restaurants in Washington DC, Tokyo, and Miami. He served as an executive chef for several years and even after leaving the hotel, Bourdain maintained a close relationship with the restaurant which describes him as their chef at large in 2014. Later in 2017, Les Halles closed due to back bankruptcy.

Media career


During the mid- 1980s, but then started submitting unsolicited work to be published to Between C & D which is a literary magazine on the lower East Side. Eventually, the magazine published a piece of board games written work about a chef who was attempting to buy heroin in the lower East Side. Then in 1985, modern signed with golden Leaf for a writing workshop. In 1995, wooden published his first book titled a culinary master bone in the throat. He did a small book tour with which he personally paid but did not find much success. His second book titled gone bamboo also did not perform very well. In 2000, Bourdain released kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the culinary underbelly which became a New York Times bestseller. The book was an expansion of his New Yorker 1999 article ” don’t eat before reading this.”

Later, in 2010 he published a prequel to the book title medium roll call on a Bloody Valentine to the world of food and the people who Cook. In addition, Gordon Road to Moore non-fiction books that appeared in the New York bestseller list. The book included a Cook’s tour it was published in 2001 and the nasty bits published in 2006. A Cook’s tour is an account of his Travel and food Adventures around the world, written in reference to his first television series that had the same title while The Nasty Bits was a collection of essays based on food. In 2012, Bourdain co-authored alongside Joel Rose, the original graphic novel titled Get Jiro! Whose art was created by Langdon Foss.


Between 2002 and 2018, Odin works on a series of food and travel shows. In January 2002, A Cook’s Tour premiered where it ran for 35 episodes through 2003. Later in July 2005, Bourdain premiered a new television series titled Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations that aired on the Travel Channel. As a result of the popularity of Kitchen Confidential, a new Fox sitcom was introduced in 2005 titled kitchen Confidential which was based on Bourdain’s persona and biography. Actually, good in anything and his crew was filming an episode of No Reservations in Beirut when the Israel Lebanon conflict unexpectedly broke out. The crew had only filmed a few hours of footage for the food and travel show. On August 21, 2006, the Beirut No Reservations episode aired on television which earned Bourdain an Emmy Award nomination in 2007.

In July 2011, the Travel Channel made an announcement that it would be releasing the Layover which was a one-hour extension of the 10-episode Bourdain show that premiered on 21st November 2011. Each episode features add 24 to 48 hours air travel Layover of a city. The series went on for 20 episodes on 3 February 2013. Bourdain was the executive producer of a somewhat similar show titled The Getaway which was hosted by celebrities and lasted for two seasons on Esquire network.

Full programs

Pudding served as a narrator as well as an executive producer between 2012 and 2017 for a number of episodes of Facebook watch which is an award-winning PBS series. In 2017, the series is moved from PBS to Facebook watch. From 2013 to 2015, he served as an executive producer where he appeared as a mentor and judge on the Taste show which is a cooking show that aired on ABC. But then won an Emmy nomination for every season. Additionally, he made 5 Appearances as a guest judge on the Top Chef reality cooking competition on Bravo.

His first appearance was in November 2006 in the Thanksgiving episode of season 2 and in June 2007 in the first episode of season 3. Borden made his third appearance in season 3 as an expert on air travel, where he judged the airplane means of the competitors. His next appearance was in the opening episode of season 4 where he first other chefs head to head in the preparation of some classic dishes. Wooden also made an appearance on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on August 6, 2007, in New York City.

How Old is Anthony Bourdain?

Bourdain was born on June 25, 1956, a New York City, and died on June 8 2018 at the age of 61.

Anthony Bourdain’s Family

Who are Anthony Bourdain’s parents?

Wooden was born to Gladys Sacksman and Pierre Bourdain. At the time of his birth, his father worked as a salesman at a New York City camera store as well as a floor manager at a record store. His father later landed a role as an executive for Columbia records while her mother served as a staff editor at the New York Times.

Does Anthony Bourdain have siblings?

Gordon has a brother named Christopher Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain’s Education

But then attended the culinary training institute of America and Vassar College.

Anthony Bourdain’s wife

Bourdain married Nancy Putkoski in 1985 High School girlfriend. They have remained together for over 20 years until they divorced in 2005. He later married Ottavia Busia who’s a mixed martial artist. However, the couple separated in 2016. Bourdain later started a relationship with Asia Argento who is an Italian actress who he met when she made up an appearance on the Rome episode of parts unknown in 2017.

Anthony Bourdain’s Children – Kids

Bourdain has a daughter named Ariane who was born in 2007.

Anthony Bourdain’s Net Worth

Bourdain had an estimated net worth of 1.2 million dollars.


Bourdain stands at 6ft 3 in tall.

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