Who are Anna and Mursel from 90 Dya Fiance? Bio, Age, Family and Wedding

Anna and Mursel Biography

Anna and Mursel are a couple featuring on the season 7 of the American reality television series 90 Day Fiance. Mursel is from Turkey and Anna from Nebraska . The couple met on social media when Mursel sent her a friend request after noticing their shared passion for beekeeping.

Despite having a language barrier, the couple began talking often and sending each other photos of their bees. Eventually, Anna traveled to Turkey to meet Mursel and four months later, he proposed to her on social media.

The couple has a big secret in their relationship being that Mursel’s family does not know that Anna has three kids as they all don’t approve of having children out of wedlock.

Anna is the owner and operator of Beauty and the Bees Honey. Her company sells honey as well as a wide array of honey and beeswax products. She can be often found at local farmers’ markets and other events — including the Bellevue Renaissance Fair.

The Antalya, Turkey native, Mursel studied at California State University, Northridge.

Anna and Mursel Age

They are both 38 years old as of 2019.

Anna and Mursel Photo
Anna and Mursel Photo

Anna and Mursel Family

Anna’s father, Air Force Staff Sgt. John Francis Campisi was the first serviceman to die in the Persian Gulf War. He was just 30 years old when he “was hit by a truck and killed Aug. 12–three weeks before his 31st birthday–on a darkened aircraft runway in Saudi Arabia, five days after the first U.S. troops set up operations in the country. At that time, Anna was nine years old.

Her grandparents tried unsuccessfully to get more information about the accident that caused his death.

No information is shared regarding Mursel’s family.

Anna and Mursel Nationality

Mursel is Turkish while Anna is American.

Anna and Mursel Wedding

According to some spoiler alert, the couple got married in September 2019. According to some court records, the couple’s wedding ceremony took place in Nebraska on September 8.

Anna and Mursel Children

Anna has three children but she seems to only post photos and videos of her son Leo. It is not yet revealed whether Mursel has kids or not.

Anna and Mursel 90 Day Fiance

The couple joins six other couples for a whole new experience for the season 7 of the American dating reality television series on TLC. The series features couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa (available uniquely to foreign fiancés of American citizens).

The couples have ninety days to decide to marry each other before the visas of the foreign half of the couple expire. 90 Day Fiance premieres on November 3, on TLC at 8:00 pm. It also stars, Robert and Anny, Michael and Juliana, Mike and Natalie, Tania and Syngin, Blake and Jasmin, and Emily and Sasha.