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Who is Andrew Zimmern?

Andrew Zimmern is an American chef, culinary expert, restauranteur, television personality, director, producer, entrepreneur, food critic, teacher, journalist, and author. Zimmern is considered one of the world’s most influential chefs. He is well known as the creator, consulting producer, and host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods America on Travel channel.

In addition, he has also hosted other shows on the Travel Channel like Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations, Dining with Death, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World, The Zimmern List as well as Andrew Zimmern’s Driven by Food. He also hosted the series The Big Food Truck Tip on Food Network. Zimmern earned the James Beard Foundation Award four times for his show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern in which he received in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2017. Zimmern also hosts a YouTube cooking web-series entitled Andrew Zimmern Cooks. On February 16, 2020, Zimmern’s new show premiered on MSNBC which is known as What’s Eating America.

Andrew Zimmern’s Career

Travel Channel

Zimmern started Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern which premiered with a pilot episode on the Travel Channel on November 1, 2006. With over 140 episodes, the show aired showcasing various counties and states that Zimmern visits while tasing different unique delicacies. In 2009, Bizarre Foods won two CableFax Awards for the Best Television Program as well as the Best Online Extras for Zimmern’s web series known as Bizarre Foods in the Kitchen. Also, in the same year, 2009, Zimmern hosted Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World which was another spin-off of Bizarre Foods. They produced a pilot and other nine episodes in eight countries and two states as well.

A Photo of Andrew Zimmern
A Photo of Andrew Zimmern

In 2007, Zimmern was a guest star in an episode of No Reservations in New York City which was hosted by Anthony Bourdain. Later, Bourdain did the same on Bizarre Foods. Additionally, Zimmern made an appearance in a 2009 episode of Man vs Food with Adam Richman where he introduced Richman to lutefisk in Minneapolis. In January 2012, a debut of another spin-off of Bizarre Foods aired where it was titled Bizarre Foods America. During this time, Zimmern focused on the United States’ various cities where he samples local cuisines as well as their way of life.

Food Events

Zimmern is an award-winning columnist and contributing editor at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine as well as a senior at Delta Sky Magazine. Additionally, he is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in several publications, national and international. Zimmern has also served as a meal adventure guide on SuperTarget where he shares his passion with ethnic foods around the country, especially with supermarket customers. Zimmern is actually an international spokesman for Elite Destination Homes and Trave Leaders. Besides Bizarre Foods, Zimmern also has a big radio career. In fact, his two shows gained wide popularity in the Twin Cities which included The Andrew Zimmern Show, Chowhounds, and Food Court with Andrew Zimmern.

Zimmern also served as the food features reporter for KMSP-TV under Fox TV. In addition, he also featured as a contributor on Typ-ical Mary Ellen and Rebecca’s Garden on HGTV where he handled all on-air food duties for the two shows. In 1997, Zimmern served as the food and lifestyle reporter for a season of the nationally televised Everyday Living on the UPN network. Zimmern has also served as a guest chef at several national food festivals, charity events, and galas including the Twin Cities Food and Wine Experience, Food and Wine magazine’s Aspen Festival as well as the James Beard House in New York City.

Professional Associations

Additionally, Zimmern has also made appearances on the Best of… on Food Network, Money and Health on CNN, and Today Show on NBC. Zimmern also starred in the instructional video series of the Cooking Club of America. He has also regularly spoken to professional associations worldwide especially on culinary matters, including the Chinese Chefs International Committee and the American Federation of Chefs. In 2002, Zimmern served as the honored guest of the People’s Republic of China which involved him traveling, lecturing as well as delivering demonstrations of Chinese cuisines.


In 2009, Zimmern published his book titled The Bizarre Truth: How I walked out of the Door Mouth First … and Came Back Shaking My Head which was published by Broadway Books. This was actually a collection of his travel and food stories from around the world. Additionally, Zimmern also wrote Zimmern’s Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Weird, and Wonderful Foods which was released by Feiwel & Friends on 30th October 2012. His latest book is titled Alliance of World Explorers which is a grade-level series in which volume 1: AZ and the Lost City of Ophir got released in February 2019. In fact, the book won the Gold IPPY in Juvenile Fiction in 2019.

How Old is Andrew Zimmern?

Zimmern was born on July 4, 1961, in New York City, U.S. He is currently 59 years old as of 2021.

Andrew Zimmern‘s Family

Who are Andrew Zimmern‘s parents?

Zimmern was born to Adolph, Charn Kwong Zimmern and Mary Zimmern.

Does Andrew Zimmern have siblings?

Zimmern has five siblings named Archibald Zimmern, Frederick Zimmern, and other 3 siblings whose names have not been disclosed.

Andrew Zimmern‘s Education

Zimmern started formal culinary training at 14 years. He attended Dalton College and eventually graduated from Vassar College.

Andrew Zimmern‘s wife

Zimmern married Rishia Haas in 2002.

Andrew Zimmern‘s Children – Kids

Zimmern has a son named Noah Monterey.

Andrew Zimmern’s Net Worth

 Zimmern has an estimated net worth of $14 million.


Zimmern stands at 1.8 meters tall and weighs about 76 kg.

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