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  9. What is Wommack’s net worth?

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Who Is Andrew Wommack?

Andrew Wommack is a well-known American preacher and faith healer. In addition, Andrew is also the founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries. He founded the ministries in 1974. Andrew also the founder of Charis bible college, where he founded in 1994. He is one of the most influential American televangelist and faith healers.


Andrew Wommack began his career as a preacher while he was still a teenager. After he firmly established himself, he founded the Andrew Wommack Ministries in 1978. After that, he founded Charis bible college in 1994. The college emphasizes more on spiritual and faith development of the students. The college has over eight hundred and fifty students attending the classes in Colorado and over 50,000 students attending the class online. Moreover, Andrew is also a healer where he has managed to heal many patients of cancer, viral, and many other diseases.

Andrew aired his first television program in 2000. The program was named ” Gospel Truth ” on the INSP network. The shown gained popularity to a point where every network wanted to get it on their channels. Some of these channels include Day Star Network, God TV in Europe, and many others. As time went by he became famous among the people due o his dedication to healing. As a result of his popularity, he was encouraged to preach the word of God.

A Photo of Andrew Wommack

A Photo of Andrew Wommack


Despite him not being awarded any award, he has archived a lot of things as a preacher and healer as well. An apart from being popular he has transformed the lives of so many people through his healing and preaching.

How Old Is Andrew Wommack?

He was born  on 30th, April, 1949 and currently, he is 72 years old

Andrew Wommack Family

Who Are His Parents?

He was born in Harrison County, Texas, but due to his secretive nature, he has managed to keep information about his parents and siblings. However, more details about his family background will be updated as soon as it’s available to the public.

Andrew’s Education

Despite him being in limelight for so many years, he has managed to keep information on where he received his education private. But we will update it sooner.

Andrew Wommack’s Wife

He is married to Jammie, the two got married in 1972. His wife has been one of his pillars in his preaching career. Because of his wife’s support, they have been able to build three churches within six years.

 Wommack Kids

The couple has been blessed with two sons, Joshua and Jonathan of which both of them have been very supportive to their dad.

 Wommack’s Height/ Measurement

Wommack Stands at an average height of 1.81m tall and weighs 76kg

Andrew Wommack’s Net Worth

As a successful preacher, he has managed to garner a net worth of $15million as of 2021. He has made his fortune through his ministries