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Amy Allan Biography

Amy Allan is an American reality television personality best known for working as a ‘medium’ and a paranormal researcher on multiple television shows.
Allan began applying her abilities professionally, she began by giving people private readings and later working up to aiding detectives and police officers on official cases.

Her methodology is to combine scientific and spiritual facts to understand the situations she investigates. Allan’s work has led her to aid detectives during police work. She has also spent some time in Yugoslavia and Serbia helping refugees.

Amy Allan Education

Allan attended the University of Arizona studying Psychology. At Arizona, she received mentorship from a popular para-psychologist named William Roll. She became his apprentice after her studies. She also studied sociology and specifically looked into sleeping disorders and different religious belief systems.

She is educated in alternative medicines, having learned about eastern and western medicines, as well as acupuncture and other forms of healing.

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Amy Allan Age

Allan was born on 31 May 1973 in Colorado. She is 46 years old as of 2019.

Amy Allan Family

Allan was born to her father who was a physical medium and her mother was telepathic. Her family first lived in Arvada before moving to Denver. At a young age, She had several imaginary friends and she also communicated with spirits at an early age. This was a talent she inherited from her grandmother as well as her parents.

Her family moved to New York when she was 12 years old making this a difficult time for her as she could not embrace her talents or fit in with her classmates at high school.

Amy Allan Husband

She got married to Matt Anderson, her co-star on The Dead Files. The couple later divorced in 2013. After her divorce, Allan revealed that she had been secretly seeing director Rob Traegler and the two had started dating. Allan resides in Los Angeles, California.

Amy Allan Dead Files

Amy rose to fame when she started featuring on the sci-fi reality television series The Dead Files as a physical medium in 2011. She co-hosts The Dead Files with Steve DiSchiavi with whom she investigates hauntings across America. The show returned for an eleventh season on 11 July 2019.

Each episode of the show begins with Amy’s initial walk-through of the investigation site. Before her visit, her assistant and videographer who happens to be Matt(her ex-husband) removes anything that might distract or influence Amy during her “channeling” session, e.g. items such as family pictures, trinkets, or personal effects.

She then appears to communicate with ghosts, spirits and other entities, and often Matt asks Amy vital questions in her walk-through.

DiSchiavi then conducts an investigation into the history of paranormal activity and the location and interviews the client(s), the clients’ family members or employees (if business is involved) and local experts in genealogy, local history and law enforcement about his findings. Steve’s footage gathering facts is often edited with Amy’s walk-through of the site’s paranormal phenomena to highlight certain aspects of both’s discovery.

Allan then collaborates with a sketch artist to describe the entities she claims to have channeled during her walk-through, which is called “The Sketch.” Amy’s sketch is presented during the Reveal and often aligns with Steve’s photographic findings.

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