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Who is Allen Grubman?

Allen Grubman is an American entertainment lawyer born and raised in Crown Heights. Some of his clients include superstars and huge recording companies as well as their executives.

Earlier in 1992, according to Business Week, Grubman was considered the music industry’s most powerful lawyer. In addition, Newsweek claimed that he is probably the wealthiest and yet most powerful attorney in the music industry.

Allen Grubman’s Career

In 1967, on graduating from law school, Grubman wrote a number of lawyers who were looking for a job. He met with an attorney named Walter Hofer. Hofer then hired Grubman to work as an associate in his music law firm for $125 per week which is currently about $1000. He eventually started his own business where he signed unrecognized disco artists who later turned popular. This enabled him to get behind quite a number of stars during his years. In 1974, Grubman partnered with fellow Brooklyn law school graduates to start a firm that included Paul Schindler and Arthur Indursky.

A Photo of Allen Grubman

A Photo of Allen Grubman

Schindler eventually left the firm which was known as Grubman Indursky & Shire. It was in 1982 when Grubman made one of his biggest deals when he signed Bruce Springsteen as a client. By 2005, the firm had grown to have 30 attorneys. Some of the clients that Grubman worked with include, Madona, U2, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Sean “Puffy” Combs.

Hacking Incident

One of Grubman’s biggest scandal was in May 2020 where REvil, a hacker group claimed to have hacked a large amount of data from his law firm. The group was demanding $42 million in ransom to stop them from releasing the information to the public.

How Old is Allen Grubman?

Grubman is currently 58 years old but the specific dates of his birth are unknown.

Allen Grubman’s Family

Who are Allen Grubman’s parents?

Grubman was born to a stagestruck mother and a manufacturer of garments. He once announced that he was a midget while his mother was 5 feet tall.

Does Allen Grubman have siblings?

Grubman has not revealed any information about having any siblings, however, it is currently considered that he has none. Though, incase of any revelations, we will definitely update it here.

Allen Grubman’s Education

Grubman attended the City College of New York where he received a B.B.A. In addition, he started attending Brooklyn where he earned a J.D where he got a J.D.

Allen Grubman’s wife

Grubman’s first wife was named Yvette Fischer Grubman whom he met after finishing law school. However, in 1988, they got divorced after being married for 19 years. Her wife later passed away in 2001 from cancer while at the age of 58 years.

Allen Grubman’s Children – Kids

During their marriage, they had two daughters with the elder, named Lizzie Grubman works as a celebrity publicist. The younger one is named Jennifer Grubman Rothenberg who has a J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law as well as a B.A from Boston University. In addition, she is also a member of the Board of Directors of Cardozo Law School and the president of Innovative Philanthropy. In 1991, Grubman remarried. His second wife is named Deborah ” Debbie” Grubman who at the time was 23 years old and one of the most successful real estate brokers in New York City. Their wedding reception took place in the New York Public Library.

Allen Grubman’s Net Worth

Grubman has an estimated net worth of about $100 million. This is according to his fellow lawyers who claim that he earns a salary of $7 – $10 million


Grubman stands at 5 ft 2 inches tall.

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