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Aissata Diallo Biography

Aissata Diallo is a 25-year old model, beauty, lifestyle and travel influencer. She intends to use her platform to break stereotypical barriers and has a goal to inspire women all over the world, and show that nothing is unattainable with the right mindset.

Diallo is a contestant on Love Island (American TV series) which is an American dating reality show based on the British series Love Island.

Aissata Diallo Age

Diallo is 25 years old as of 2019. She has not yet disclosed her date of birth or when she celebrates her birthday.

Aissata Diallo Family

Her mother works in the finances and her father is an engineer. She has a younger sister Hayyy.

Aissata Diallo Education

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology degree at the age of 19. She also earned a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration in May 2019.

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Aissata Diallo Model

Having a dream of becoming a doctor, Diallo started shadowing physicians and she realized that it wasn’t for her. She couldn’t stand the sight of people in pain, seeing flesh, knives and needles. She moved back to NYC and took a break to figure herself out.

She started working at Abercrombie & Fitch as a model where she later (within a month) got promoted to assistant manager. She started test shooting with different photographers (just for fun) and she realized how much fun it was. One photographer reached out to her for work and accepted the offer in April 2015 after turning him down on multiple times.

In August 2015, she was sent a direct message on Instagram telling her she had gone viral on Tumblr. Inspired by the comments, she reached out to the photographer did another phoshoot and posted the photos on Tumblr.

She again went viral, opening many doors for her. Her followers instantly grew and she kept shooting and creating content. In 2017, she grew as a model and a content creator and started working with popular brands and companies.

Initially her family was not supportive of her pursuing a modelling career but eventually they started noticing how much of her time she was investing in it and her love of it. She sat down with her mother speak about the do’s and don’t. She eventually gained her family’s support.

Aissata Diallo Love Island

Diallo joins Love Island on day 12 alongside: Eric Hall, George Johnson, Kelsey Jurewicz, Marlisse “Marli” Tyndall, and Ray Gantt.

Fellow contestants on the show include:

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